Indian Economic development & Research AssociationRegistered under the societies Registration Act XXI of 1860

The Indian Economic Development & Research Association (IEDRA) & IEDRA International Division is mainly involved in the study, growth and analysis of the Indian economy. IEDRA is promoting and assisting individuals and organizations in their respective fields and thereby promoting national economic development. India is progressing at a fast pace and the economy is achieving world standards. The country is a world leader in areas such as information technology, agricultural production, steel production, textiles and readymade garments, diamond and jewellery exports and some other fields. The Govt. of India is introducing extensive economic reforms as per international trade requirements. The NITI Aayog has set a new benchmark for co-operative federalism, by enabling the Union and States work together as equals – as part of Team India. We ensure formal co-opting of States, the federating units of India, as equal partners in the Centre’s decision making on developmental policy. The NITI Aayog has selected certain areas where immediate development is required. This is being monitored personally by the Prime Minister. As a result there is extensive economic activity and development taking place in the country. IEDRA is constantly examining and analyzing the economic activities taking place in the country. IEDRA surveys various sectors of the economy to watch their performance and developments. By so doing IEDRA attempts to assist and analyse various sectors of the economy so that the pace of development is maintained.

IEDRA has set up committees to manage the various activities being undertaken from time to time. IEDRA has members from every field of economy activity. These members pool their information and resources to understand the working and direction of the Indian Economy. IEDRA works in close consonance with commerce and industry and Govt. agencies to help its members in their various fields. The members are given facilities and services to manage and run their organizations more efficiently and fruitfully. IEDRA also rewards and award its members for their achievements and contributions in their fields. IEDRA has tied up with international organizations to provide external commercial borrowings, private equity and low cost funds for businesses and institutions in India.

The 11th International seminar has delegates present from many fields from all over the country who have made substantial contributions in their respective areas. The seminar will recognize and appreciate their endeavors and also make plans for future national economic growth.

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  • Publications

    IEDRA is associated with the publication of leading business magazine namely. "Business & Portfolios"

    IEDRA is associated with the publishing of many economic articles and papers.

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